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5 definitions by Sponge

Jesus version 2.0, the second coming.
Jesus II, THIS time, it's personal.
by Sponge April 11, 2006
refer to pornography
apparently there is pornographic material on the internet, shocking i know.
by Sponge August 10, 2004
A finger strategically placed in Redstone's rectum.
Redstone got dekothed behind a quickie mart by a prison escapee in the backseat of his sunfire.
by Sponge March 07, 2005
adjective; in incompetent fool making a mess of everything and can do nothing right what-so-ever, even have sex.
our president, W Bush is a complete buttfuck
by sponge May 21, 2004
A particularly nasty version of this cannot be used to fight the funk
Homsar - Can't fight the funk with a nasty dunk
by Sponge July 15, 2004