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Spocky is a nickname for one who is cool like Mr Spock but also funny as well.

I am Spocky because my first initial is S and the pock is the first 4 letters of my surname.

I am the original Spocky and have been for 39 years!

Everyone knows me for being the Chief Morale Officer at my place of work.
That joke was so good it could only be funnier if Spocky said it!
by Spocky June 22, 2010
Alhambra's are seven seater people carriers made in spain by SEAT.

They are the same as the VW Sharan and the Ford Galaxy but the body styling is different.

All back seats come out leaving a flat floor making this an awesome vehicle to be used as a van or even for touring as you can sleep in the back.
Estate car owner: My you've got a big space in your back door!

Alhambra owner: Why thank you my good man. It's handy for filling with boxes of hotdogs.
by Spocky June 22, 2010

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