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mind sex (n.) (v.)— 1. The act of two people exchanging aspects of eachother's intellects—thoughts, perception, memory, emotion, will; imagination—far beyond a superficial level, executed through conversation. It is often characterized by intimacy, closeness, and exclusivity between the two persons. 2. To intellectually penetrate (or enter into) one’s mind/thoughts as if in sexual intercourse. 3. The mental version of sexual intercourse.
(n.) When an evolutionist and an archeologist convene, a long session of mind sex is sure to occur.

(v.) Once she found out that I believed in the bible too, we stayed up all night having mind sex about the scriptures.
by Splyce May 09, 2010
Afro-punk—(n.) (Adj.)

1. A person of Black or African decent who adheres to both an Afrocentric—African pride and knowledge of Black contributions throughout history—and punk ideology, such as antiestablishment and antiauthoritarian political beliefs; corporate disdain and distrust of law enforcement.

Common characteristics of afropunks include wearing hair in a natural, chemical-free state such as afros, twists, braids, or dreadlocks; multiple piercings often running down the entire ear and/or unusual piercings such as septum rings, tragus, nape, and dermal anchors not normally seen on Black people; stretched earlobes; turbans and head wraps; vegetarianism; eclectic taste in music including all genres and decades; activism in community; skateboarding and surfing; love of travel/ wanderlust; and marijuana use.
Afropunks also tend to date and marry outside of their race and/or nationality, which differentiates them from traditional Afro centrism. Afropunks often lead nontraditional and bohemian lifestyles, often choosing entrepreneurship and/or artistic careers as musicians, actors, writers, indie filmmakers, or spoken word artists.

2. A person with an Afro-punk mentality but does not necessarily display any outward afropunk characteristics
“Skipping class to get baked and then go to a Soundgarden concert is so Afro-punk.”

“Growing your dreads out over your ears so that you won’t have to remove your piercings for work is so Afro-punk.”
by Splyce January 05, 2010

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