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A bloke's spam dagger. also known as a single-barrel pump-action yoghurt rifle
I extracted my love length from her fanjita and took aim at her balcony. Then I unleashed the full, merciless, fury of my pump-action yoghurt rifle and left her with a full splow necklace.
by Splowson McGraw March 07, 2004

As in 'to splow' on somebody. Usually involves unleashing a magazine of stump sauce over an unsuspecting fitty.

Also noun.

Ammunition from the pump-action yoghurt rifle.
1. Just when she thought it was over, I extracted my lady impaler from her mapatasi and splowed on her mantlepiece.

2. Check the talent over there. She needs a good splowing on.

3. (Uttered at the point of no return) "SPLOWWWWWWWW"

4. The sight on my splow canon was out, and she ended up with splow in her eye.
by Splowson McGraw March 07, 2004
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