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The condition associated with posessing a really sweaty ballsack.
As if the vinyl seat and the lie detector hooked to my arm weren't cause enough for swampnuts, the detective also closed all the windows and brought in a space heater.
by Spitty in the City June 20, 2008
The special brand of thick, oily sweat that accumulates in the fold where the scrotum meets the base of the penis.
After his basketball game, Daryl had so much soim in his briefs that he wrung them out into a ziplock bag and then used it later that night for lube when bedding the entire cheerleading squad.
by Spitty in the City June 20, 2008
Sweaty underwear
I didn't ride a single water ride at the amusement park, but you would have thought I had ridden them all if you would have seen my soggy cottonbottoms.
by Spitty in the City October 17, 2008

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