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4 definitions by Spitroaster

A refinement of the spitroast position in which two guys take a women, one in the mouth and the other in the vagina.

To achieve the 'Sydney Harbour Bridge' the guys at each end raise their arms at a 45 degree angle over the woman and hold hands while banging.
Johnny, I really enjoyed doing the Sydney Harbour Bridge with you the other night. Let's go and find a willing skank so we can do it again.
by Spitroaster October 07, 2007
A range of sex acts involving two or more guys and one woman e.g.

1. Spitroast, where one guy fucks the bitch's cunt or ass while the other fucks her mouth.
2. Double penetration, where both guys slide their cocks into the bitch's cunt or ass at the same time.
3. Two up, where one guy fucks the bitch's cunt and the other fucks her ass.

Whatever method is used, the guys should aim to reach orgasm simultaneously. If they achieve this they high five each other as they cum over the bitch.
Willy and Johnny had a great night using Loretta, the town skank, in a bitch kebab.
by Spitroaster October 07, 2007
Lightweight, badly written, anti-male fiction written for women, by women. Usually attempts, and fails, to be witty or whimsical.

The main protagonists are always desperately hunting for a man to settle down with, although paradoxically the text is filled from start to finish with derogatory comments about men.

Bitch lit is a more accurate term for chic lit.
1.'Bridget Jones' diary' and 'Sex in the City' are typical examples of the bitch lit genre.
by Spitroaster October 07, 2007
A more chic way of spelling chick lit, which is sappy, pulp fiction written for airheads by manipulative bitches looking to make a quick buck.
Chick lit author: "I want to a buy a big house in Beverley Hills so I'm typing out 10,000 words of cliche dross. I'll run in through my wordprocessor's spell checker / thesaurus / grammar checker, then send it to a vanity publisher and market it as 'chic lit' because that's selling at the moment.
by Spitroaster October 07, 2007