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Only the best day of the year.
Except maybe christmas.
But it's darmn close.
'Dude, it's 23rd April. You know what that means.'
'OHDEEAR. You best know what today is.'
'Na man, tell me.'
'Allow yourself. It's St Georges Day man. Oi I'm not even joking, that's bad you don't know. I'm English through and through.'
'Naa man, I did know... Course I did.'
'Whatev, you're just waste.'
by Spillee April 22, 2008
A sweet as chicken restaurant, with extra spicy peri-peri sauce.
'Yo G, lets go rep Nando's for lunch'
'Man, that place is nang. I'm gonna have chicken burger with peri-peri sauce!'
by Spillee February 23, 2008

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