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A CCW designed for private ownership. Highly commendable as a backup.
What's your backup to your EAA Witness?

A SIG 232.
by Spiku June 24, 2004
A small caliber hunting cartridge only capable of taking down small game. In a self-defense role, the .22LR cartridge has little stopping power and little stopping power. So, just because Ice Cube says it's cool, don't go out and buy one. The 9mm is the better choice in defending yourself. Although it at best is a crappy round for anything but rabbits, it can be used for maximum infection because if used wisely, a .22 will not leave an exit wound.
Wow, you're gonna use a .22 to knock the bank over? Even the bank teller will whoop your ass!
by Spiku June 24, 2004
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