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Unfunny show. The creaters make it seem funny by adding a very loud laughs in it, as in a typical modern sitcom. The only charecter that can be remotley funny is Eric, and they got rid of him so there really is no reason to watch this show at all now. And my god it can get melodramatic, what the fuck is this a soap opera? OMG, Hyde got back with Jackie, OMG Jackie's going out with Fex, OMG Jackie is with Kelso now, looks like Jackie is a whore.
Fez: I'm taking a break from girls for a while
*Laughter* HAR HAR HAR HAR
Randy: I knew it, your gay!
Randy: I guess I owe Ms. Foreman some money!
Red: I'm going to kick all your asses, you dumbasses
Me: This is NOT FUNNY
Fanboy: Oh noez, dis is funny man, fez is soo hott, lolz. That '70s Show best sitcom ever lolz
by Spikesy July 27, 2006
What Europeans should call there football, so they stop complaining on what we call there soccer. Honestly, the word soccer was used by EUROPEANS before Americans used it!

And no, we don't call football footy
Soccer - Footy

American Football - Football

Rugby Football - Rugby

Canadian Football - CFL

Aussie Rules - Whatever the fuck you want
by Spikesy July 23, 2006

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