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The funniest sitcom ever next to the Drew Carey Show. It has incredible acting making jokes that don't seem funny on paper are hilarious when Jerry, George (My favorite), Elaine, and Kramer
Jerry Seinfeld (pretending to be dark and mysterious): I don't care for laughter I feel it is just a pointless escape from the cold world we actually live in
Girsl: So what do you do?
Jerry Seinfeld: I'm a comedian
by Spikesy May 29, 2006

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What my parents used to listened too
You still listen to Classic Rock? What the hell's wrong with you?
by Spikesy July 18, 2006

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1) The sport that, in America, is played by women, children, and homosexuals (Which exsplains why are womens team is 10x better then our mens team) Therfour, In America, it is considered a fag sport.

2) Boring sport. The field is huge. Why does this make it boring? It's so huge that 85% of the time, there not even in scoring distance, which meens 85% of the time isn't even worth watching. Quite honestly I don't find kicking a ball back and forth again and again until they finaly get a chance to score (And theres an 5% chance that they actually will score) The goals are a gimick, and the ONLY thing entertaining in this sport ('Cept maybe a really good dive by a goalkeeper)

3) It was invented by women let women play it! It's wasn't even considered a mans sport until a few years after it was invented

4) The only way to get an injury is to fake an injury. The only thing in soccer I would imagine hurting is getting hit in the face with an elbow (I.E. World Cup 2006, when McBride got clobbered)

5) It's only 90 minutes, while an American football game is 4 hours, Therfour to play Football you have to have more stamina than in soccer.

6) Keep in mind that America plays Soccer and most of Europe dosn't play American Football. Who has a right to judge those sports, the Country that plays both or the country that plays only one?

7) What's the deal with the short-shorts and knee-high socks anyway?

8) If Football as known around the world, IT would be the most popular sport.

9) Do you know why America dosn't like soccer? Because Americans have 4 other sports to watch and play that are ten times better than soccer. Soccer is boring, America knows this because we've played it coutless times, and if it wasn't for the World cup and a 'need" to be in it we could quite playing it. Soccer is a boring game of luck, witch compared to other american sports, very easy to play.
American: Don't you relize that soccer is a game of luck and being in the right place at the right time? Don't you relize that the goals are a gimick to make this awfull sport popular? Don't you relize how boring this sport is?

European: Soccer isn't boring because it's pretty much the best sport that we have. If we had any other American sport than soccer wouldn't be as popular because American Sports are better than European sports.

American: Dosn't that make you ignorant to possibly say that soccer is better than every other American sport when you don't even know any other American sports and judge them on your hatred for America?

European: Yeah, but Soccer is better than football

American: But you havn't even played football

European: Yeah, but... your an American fag...
by Spikesy July 21, 2006

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A Juggalo is the guy that nobody knows. Nobody understands them, so therfour, they hate them. A Juggalo gets fucked with their whole life, and our found working hard for everything they have, because they are unwanted and unrespected. The only thing they have in the end, is their Juggalo Family. They know when things get tough they have their juggalo family to fall back on.

A Juggalo does not care about all the latest trends, all the high-school labels, all the drama, because a Juggalo is born different from the sheep that pretend to be exactly like everyone else. Therfour, anyone saying "Yo dawg, I's be down wit da mufa fuckin clowns, yo" and is sporting every single hatchet ware product and listins to just ICP, is not a Juggalo.

Because Juggalos are misunderstood, and hard to define, they are continually ridiculed. Often stereotyped as white trash, thugs, or stupid. First of all, stereotyping is stupid. I could call all haters stupid because the hate us because they don't understand us, but I don't, because I know some haters have resonable reasons to hate us, no wait, THERE IS NO REASON FOR HATE.

Juggalos are againts all hate. Just like in ICP's lyrics, we are againts all racists, stereotyping, and haters. Because a juggalo is smart enough to know all of these things are useless to society.

And for the record, in my excpierence with juggalos, many of them have ICP as the're 3rd or 4th favorite band. Twiztid, Tech N9ne and ABK mostly being in front. So no, not ALL Juggalos listen (Or worship as some people put it) ICP

Example of a juggahater, My responces are in parentheses

Brainless selfish morons that live under the illusion that the entire world is against them. Fact is, they're not important enough for anyone to actually care (Wow, you care) These people are outcasts because they want to be (Fact is, any normal person would not want to be accosiated with us. We're clowns remember? Juggalos arn't created because they want to be, were created by listening to any Psy's artist and going, "Wow, that really sounds just like me"), my thought is that they think it's fashionable when they're really just a small insignificant pimple on society's ass (fashionable... to be a clown?). They're the real "haters", they can't stand anyone that isn't them (So your defining every single juggalo in the would now? You do relize that is 3-7 million people right?). Pick any Juggalo website and read their posts, they'd like to annihilate every other social group in the world (Not true. As a matter of fact, I've had hardcore kids wering "Juggalo holocaust" T-Shirts and saying that we are filth. Not all hardcore kids are little nazis, I would NEVER say that because I am not stereotypical), every other level of society. I've had a chance to speak with some of the Juggalos, they, as a group, are so ultra-violent that some (sick as it may be) actually have a plan to systematically cleanse the world of every one that is not "Down with the clown!" (I have NEVER heard that. I am a juggalo, and as a group, I have never heard of ANYTHING as ridiculas as that. Another Stereotype not true) As I recall, a little more then 60 years ago a German leader had those same thoughts. I suppose if it were to turn out that Adolph Hitler was the OJ it would explain an awful lot. (No it wouldn't)
by Spikesy July 10, 2006

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Person who sometimes looks like he wants to be called gay. Great QB though.
Tom Brady has 2 sisters, the stupidest looking smile ever, and whenever he talks on TV he has to cuss, perhaps trying to make him sound masculent. After all that, makes it sound kind of strange that you could compare him to Steve Young.
by Spikesy July 16, 2006

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A game played by a bunch of euro-trash 200 lb. men who ware really short pants, and is watched by a bunch of rich euro-trash men who think Rugby is better than Football because in football you have pads. Honestly, who could not LIVE through ONE GAME, without pads in football. I mean, a game lasts 4 hours and you get tackled every play. There is one term in football called a sack, where a 400 lb. Defensive End (Who can bench press 200-350 lb.) will tackle the querterback. The QB is 175-225 FUCKIN POUNDS! Now let me tell you, a hard enough hit could very well paralyze him for life (And it's happened before. Just like when Oakland Raider's Safety Jack Tatum tackled a New England Wide Reciever to paralize him for life in the 80's.)

Misconceptions about Football:
1. There usually are no substitutions unless you have a very big lead, becuase the coach dosn't want his players to get severely injured

2. You only get 3 timeouts a half, I mean they are hardly noticible

3. The men in football arn't fat, just very muscular, in both there arms in legs

4. It's not homosexual, just like Rugby's not homosexual.

Things that suck about Rugby:
1. It's called a man's sport but is played by women and people in wheelchairs.

2. It's watched by upper-class Euro-trash

3. All of it's fans say it's better than Football but have never seen football game in there life (Unless they live in Germany)

4. It dosn't require nearly enough strategy as football

5. They were very short pants

6. It's a wannabe version of football

7. It's boring compared to Football, Basketball, Baseball, and even SOCCER!

8. SOCCER is better than this game!
Yeah football players were pads and helmets, but for one the helmets look cool as fuck and keep both your head from cracking and from 400 lb. men from snapping your neck, and the pads prevent people from giving you bruises all over your body.

And Yeah, Rugby dosn't have pads or helmets, but you have to take into account Rugby players arn't that big and a Linebacker or Defensive end in football can be 2x the size of a rugby player, and a defensive end and linebacker both have to tackle men who are half there size. I mean, if American Football didn't have padding everyone on the offense would be dead at the end of the game, as these guys can lift up 300 lb. and can run 40 yards in 4 seconds. Now when you have a 400 lb. guy who can lift 300 lb. and is running 10 yards a second and he's comming right after you that will cause you to be paralyzed every single time, pads or not.

All in all, Rugby is for a bunch of rich 200 lb. pussies who argue that it is better and more hard hitting even though football players are twize there size and can run much faster then them. It's a boring sport that's fans are obviously are all idiots and wastes of life because they talk shit about a sport they no nothing about and should just shut there Euro-Trash mouths!

P.S. I know I'm getting a thumbs down for this
by Spikesy May 15, 2006

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Other than the Yankees, the best baseball club in America. 14 World Series apperances with players such as Sandy Koufax, Tommy Lasorda, Mike Piazza and Jackie Robinson
Vin Sculley has been commenting Los Angeles Dodgers games since the fiftys, now that's passion for your team!
by Spikesy June 03, 2006

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