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It's not a sport, because it does not take athletic ability, and it is not a game because it is not fun to watch or play, it is RACING, The most boring thing on earth. You drive 500 times around a track and people actually watch it on TV? Or to actually go to one of these NASCAR matches in the blazing heat? WTF is wrong with these NASCAR fans anyway? They are either VERY easily amused or just stupid.
nascar is the best sport ever!!!!! OMG, they dfrive around all de time and sometime dey get in accidentz!!!!! OHHH, look at da prettie colooorz and de fire!!! Ohhhhhh, fire.... so nice!!!
by Spikesy July 20, 2006
Misspelling of the word Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. See Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for real definitions.
It's not Los Angeles Angels of AnahIEm it's Los Angeles Angels of AnahEIm
by Spikesy July 20, 2006
The next Dan Marino. Can deliver the deepball without much effort. Can complete short passes with just the right speed so that it's easy to catch but hard to intercept. According the the pro-bowl Querterback challenge, Is the most accurate QB in the league right next to Matt Hasselback. Has set 14 total NFL records and 33 NCAA school records. Never has done drugs. Is the Tennessee Volenteer's all-time leading passer. Has a SEC Record in wins as a starter. Set the NCAA all-time record for interception percentage. Had a 3.61 GPA. Despite all this, never won the Heisman trophy (WTF's up with that!?), set the record for QB rating and touchdown mark with a rating of 121.1 and 49 touchdowns.

So in conclusian, in about 8 years or so, at the pase that Peyton Manning is going (4000 yard seasons 1999 to 2006) he will beat Dan Marino's record and be known as best querterback ever. Offensive line and WR's have nothing to do with it, because with a good querterback, even the crappiestWR's can become stars, and the offensive line is not even a factor for Peyton, because the 1997 Volenteer's O-Line was not very good at all and that was when he was just a kid, AND keep in mind that Peyton Manning was drafted to a team that was 5th in the AFC South, the absolute worst division in all of football
Peyton Manning does not choke in playoffs, his team does.
EX1: in the playoff game verses Tennessee, Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne both had many dropped passes throught the game cassing them to lose.

EX2: In 2005, Mike Vanderjagt missed a game-winning field goal verses pittsburg

EX3: In nearly all Patriots playoff games, the Colts won a playoff game before that, so if you don't lose in all playoff games your in, it's no longer CHOKING
by Spikesy June 03, 2006
The most nonsence belief ever. It does not make any sence at all. People who follow this belief feel they are better than everone else, but think about, who sounds like a better person, a racist who goes around bothering black/latino people with racial slurs and thretining to kill them or the black/latino people who have done NOTHING to deserve it?
Racist: I am better than black people

Me: How are you better than black people?

Racist: Because they are from Africa

Me: How is someone better than someone else because of there decent?

Racist: Because there skin is black

Me: How is someone apperence make someone better than someone else? With the same belief you could say that everyone with a birth mark is a worse person than someone with no birth mark, or that people wiht hats are a better person than people with no hats.

Racist: Because I have low self-esteem and I need to use stereotypes and racism to rase my low self-esteem with fake self-esteem. I am a worthless piece of trash and does not deserve to be living. I am a horrible, horrible person, please kill me.

Me: Ok
by Spikesy July 23, 2006
The person that retards put down becasue they don't know the words "Not Guilty" mean
Person one: OJ simpson totally killed those people

Person two: But the court said Not Guilty

Person one: Yeah, but he still did it

Person two: How do you know? Were you in the room when OJ supposedly did it?

Person one: No, I just assume things and believe only what I want to belive

Person one: Oh, ok
by Spikesy July 18, 2006
Someone who hates EVERYTHING without even knowing sometimes what the hell it is. Most of these things include music, sports, and labels. Most of these people, often have not relized that hate brings nothing but pain.

Hate dosn't give anything, just illusional self-confidence to the hater. It breaks down our society to mindlessly hating something without an opinion of there own because everyone else hates it. It's stupid and should not be done. If you DISLIKE something, that is different, Because that is an opinion, but if you dislike something without knowing shit about it, then your a HATER!
In my life, I've had a Hater hate on Insane Clown Posse, without knowing it was a music group, NBA, without knowing it was a basketball, and goths, thinking that they dress scary to scare people.
by Spikesy July 08, 2006
The most useless thing in the world.

Caused wars, created the nazis, etc.
Good: I have noticed that a few african americans listen to hip hop. In my opinion, hip hop is not the best music genre.

bad: I hate those damn black people, and hip hop is not even music it's a bunch of noises and talking.
by Spikesy July 11, 2006

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