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Soon to be Super Bowl Champions.

1. Super Bowl Winning Querterback is leading the team. If Uninjured, Kurt Warner can put up Peyton Manning numbers and win an MVP easily. If Kurt Warner is injured, Matt Lienart can come in and do very well.

2. The Cards have the best WR Core in the League. Anquian Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald were the 4th and 5th leading recievers in yards in 2005, and that was back when Kurt Warner was injured and they had Josh Mcown had to lead the team. Imagine what they could do if Kurt is uninjured on '06

3. That have the best kicker in the entire league. Neil Rackers was once on NFL Total access. From 40 yards away, he could hit the crossbars with ease, 6 TIMES. He set a record for FG's made and FG persentage last year.

4. They got Edgerrin James. The ONLY thing stopping them last year from having a perfect offence was a good RB, now they have it. The Edge could help out in blocking, catching, and most importantly running.

5. Picking up TE Leanard Pope and G Matui Latui easily makes a great O-Line.

6. According to ESPN, they have the 10th best defence in the league.

7. According to the 05 season, they have the 8th best defence in the league

8. They are playing in the Easiest Division in the League
The Arizona Cardinals could very well get to the superbowl if they can get there run game going and get better red-zone scoring, and considering their pickups in the off-season and the fact of injuries in 05, they could EASILY do VERY well in '06.
by Spikesy July 23, 2006
The most unlucky team in the NFL. Best team in the league today, probly the best offence in history, very good defence, but can't get past the playoffs. But should do good in '06, having getting rid of the biggest choker on earth (Vanderjagt) and getting a slightly less accurate kicker, but still makes the important kick.
In '03 Harrison and Wayne choked
In '04 Manning Choked
In '05 Vanderjagt choked
In '06 We'll have to see!

indianapolis colts are a cool football team
by Spikesy July 15, 2006
Despite what people think, a league NOT full of black people

So stop being racist.
Person #1: Do you watch the NBA?

Person #2: NBA? Thats full of black people why would I want to watch that?

Person #1: Actually, many NBA players are white, german, italien and even mexican

Person #2: Fuck you! It's full of black people! Shut up!
by Spikesy July 04, 2006
A cross between the olympics and world cup only you can watch it without falling asleep. The WBC is a league filled with countries from asia, Europe, Australia, and the western hemisphere such as the US, Canada, the DR, Cuba, Japan, China, South Africa, Australia, Italy, and others. It was pretty fun to watch but the US didn't do to good on account many american baseball players did not participate, all well, get 'em next time in 2009!
EX #1: Whoa, the US beat South Africa 17-0 and it's only halfway through the game!

EX #2:
Guy #1: Isn't it strange how no matter how many teams will participate in the World Baseball Classic, Britain will never even consider joining it? I mean, we beat Germany in 2 world wars and they are still looking to join it!

Guy #2: All well, the WBC dosn't need any pussy british team, cuz America will only kick there ass if they enter!

Guy #1: Well it wouldn't be the first time!
by Spikesy May 29, 2006
An extremely scary movie of epic proportians... 'Till you find out it's not real.
I went to the theature and saw Blair Witch project and thought it was the best movie ever... Then when I bought it I relized it was fake and now it's a so-so movie
by Spikesy July 21, 2006
Arena Football is like the NFL, only the stadiums are smaller, the players arn't as good, it dosn't nearly have as much strategy, they only usually pass the ball, it's not as exciting, there uniforms are ugly, and there is NO defence!
Announcer: Now it's time for arena football! Now the first team gets the ball passes it deep and it's a touchdown. OK now the other team gets the ball they pass it long and it's a touchdown. Now hears the kickoff he takes it in for a touchdown. Now the other team gets the ball they throw it long and it's a touchdown.

by Spikesy July 09, 2006
It's not a sport, because it does not take athletic ability, and it is not a game because it is not fun to watch or play, it is RACING, The most boring thing on earth. You drive 500 times around a track and people actually watch it on TV? Or to actually go to one of these NASCAR matches in the blazing heat? WTF is wrong with these NASCAR fans anyway? They are either VERY easily amused or just stupid.
nascar is the best sport ever!!!!! OMG, they dfrive around all de time and sometime dey get in accidentz!!!!! OHHH, look at da prettie colooorz and de fire!!! Ohhhhhh, fire.... so nice!!!
by Spikesy July 20, 2006

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