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adj. Used to describe an event that is astoundingly shitty.
I sat on the train at Disneyland for a shitacular 3 hours.
#crappy #terrible #awesome #spectacular #shitty
by Spike76 September 03, 2007
when something happened, but didn't happen. Used when you want to forget the existence of something, or when you have something you don't want to be let out into the public.
"Hey that thing between you and me at the party quazicurred..."

"Okay. Can we do it again."

"No. It never happened to begin with, understand?"

"...oh. That sucks.
Do you want to?"
#occur #happen #happened #party #forget
by Spike76 March 31, 2008
A place where FPS kills are achieved in great numbers and for all levels of gamers.
"Halo 3's map, Guardian, is a total fragdom!!!"


"When we kept respawning in the center of Sandtrap, it was total fragdom.
#halo #fps #games #frag #fragtastic
by Spike76 December 13, 2007
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