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A disposable cell phone that is used subversively.
Dude answers his cell phone: "Hello?"

Guy with Pimp Phone says: "Yo, come get down on this apple crisp that my Boo made."

Dude says: "Oh it’s my boy!!! I totally didn’t recognize yer number."

Guy with Pimp Phone says: "Yeah. This is my Pimp Phone, my other phone got jacked at the club last nite."

Dude says: "Word, I’ll erase this number from my call log for your safety sake."

Guy with Pimp Phone says: "Word." Then hangs up.
#pimp #cell phone #textually active #sexting #disposable
by Spike Emerson September 14, 2011
What an adolescent becomes upon receiving their first cell phone.
It’s always a 'double edged sword' for a father when his daughter becomes textually active. While it allows for effortless communication, he must also accept that she is finally becoming a woman.
#sexually active #texting #sexting #cell phone #pimp phone
by Spike Emerson September 14, 2011
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