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46 definitions by Spike

some newb clan.
You suck so much, you gotta be 3g material.
by spike October 23, 2003
A Female that lies in retailiation to being lied to.
Damn, that Aly can't take a joke..
by Spike July 29, 2003
1. An unwanted sexual violation (sometimes known as "surprise sex", particularly if you have a good enough lawyer) received by a female from a male (it is physically impossible for a woman to rape a man) without consent.

2. Some other kind of unwanted violation received by anybody.
1. Peter raped Jane because she said "no".

2. "Argh, this music, it rapes my ears!" Said Holly.
by Spike May 03, 2003
A position that gay men love
Ohh, I heard Neil wanted to ride Bob Saddleback..Ouch!
by Spike July 29, 2003