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Crosby Sauce - Blue Gatorade that has Professional Hockey Player Sydney Crosby's face on the front of it. It is often referred to as Formula 87.

Crosby Sauce May or May not be Avaliable only in Canada

Its origins are said to be that of freshly squeezed blue whales (the candy...not the whale...don't be so MORBID).

Crosby Sauce can also be known as Crosby Juice.

Crosby Sauce is very refreshing and will keep you playing hockey as well as other physical activities for hours on end. I

t is also said that if you drink a lot of of Crosby Sauce you will become a HIGHLANDER.
Person 1: Have you tried that new

Crosby sauce?!

Person 2: It's sooo Good!

Person 3: I wish I had Crosby Sauce in my mouth...right...now.

Person 1 & 2 look at person 3 with concern.
by SpiffyGIA June 21, 2009
When arriving or leaving a destination it is a greeting that is generally AWESOME...but very stupid. If you say errday you are likely to be made fun of (because you are a retard).

It is commonly used by the the mentally unstable/ extremely high/ people who have been awake for an entire month.

The Err portion of the word can be strung out as long as the user desires...example ERrrrrrrrrrrrrrDay. But it is forbidden for the day portion to be stretched at all. By penatly of death in greater portions of Columbia.
Person 1: Have a good day

Person 2: ERRDAY!

Person 1: That's not a word you fucking idiot!!!!
by SpiffyGIA June 19, 2009
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