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A member of the female sex which people believe need to be defined everyone on Urban Dictionary. Often times people title the entry with some random girl name which is personally related to them (Stacy, Amanda, Whorina, etc), and then follows with a description of beautiful, amazing, and something that everyone would want. A general waste of space for all
Nobody cares about you and your Beth, Stephanie, Georgie, Amanda, Stacy, or Stella. Stop making dictionary entries on them, I happen to believe that many of these girl names have the potential to be linked to some real bitches.
by Spiffy Jackson October 08, 2011
A small town that exists within the panhandle of Nebraska. This town has a small community of around 8,000 and is well known for being the location of the famous Carhenge, a clone of Stonehenge built entirely of cars. Also known to be a major employment location for the railroad.

However, if you ask the general populace, the story changes dramatically.

To them, Alliance, Nebraska is a drama fueled, beer flowing, whore house where any word you utter shall eventually reach the town gossips and be spread through the fields of nebraska like wildfire. Drama is a local form of entertainment, and alcohol usually does not take very long to become part of this entertainment. A word of wisdom: avoid the women in this town, this is more than just the simple banter of an annoyed onlooker... People have been warned before.
Guy 1: "I was thinking of moving my kids to Alliance, Nebraska..."
Guy 2: "Don't do it man, your child will grow into a retarded, herpes bearing, drunk."
by Spiffy Jackson October 08, 2011

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