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another word for your elbow that is used in jokes to make people laugh and feel akward
i walk in the lunch line and a dude bumps into me
Me: Hey man you just bumped into my wenis!!!
Dude: Woa man lets not get personal here im feeling wierd
Me: Did you know i can almost touch my wenis with my tongue?
Dude: K, your freaking me out man
Me: I touched my best friend with my wenis because he wanted to see if it was all scratched up from the time i fell on the cement
Dude: Thats it im leaving stay away from me
by Spidey Alex July 27, 2006
a person or persons who is biased againts people who wear braces.
Me: hey do you still do modeling and comercials
Her: not any more since i got braces
Me: Thats really bracist you know
by Spidey Alex July 27, 2006
marvel civil war is a comic series that is kicking arse this year. Super Heroes are battling each other and having to chose sides over the mutant registration act. Iron Man and Captain America the "captains" of both sides as well as many other heroes. Several have already died and Spider-Man did something that has made horrible consiquences. Thor is comming in too
Dude: Have you heard of Marvel Civil War?
Me: Duh, dude go out and buy some effing comics about it then we can talk
Dude: Im on it
by Spidey Alex July 26, 2006
to act gay or stupid, saying somthing that makes people think your gay
playing a game of spider-man monopoly and i land on kingpin which i have
Me: ahhh good to be home on the fat mans chest
Friend: your on a fats mans chest..what are ya? flamin'
Me: your the one flamin' over there with pink fives
Friend: shutupstupid!!!
by Spidey Alex July 28, 2006

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