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A miscarried baby fetus found in the toilet of an unhappy mother. Can be either retrieved by animal control (225- 774-7700) or flushed depending on ones plumbing.
Bethy and George had a long-distance relationship because Bethy lived in Texas and George lived in Canada but they still managed to keep the relationship going for about 3 years without a problem, but when they ran into their first relationship problem they both agreed that the long-distance thing made it too difficult to resolve the issue and thus decided to end it, resulting in Bethy going out to clubs and whatnot and meeting a new man named Drew who took her to his place and got her pregnant, and they were very happy with this and bought a large quantity of baby products and had a baby shower but unfortunately Bethy had recently taken to drinking and smoking despite her doctor's advice not to and thus had a miscarriage which she discovered when she was on the toilet one night after a long day of clubbing but she was too grossed out by the fetus to take it out of the toilet and so she called Animal Control to remove the toiletbaby.
by Spiderwoman and Sir Sloth Boy August 12, 2010

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