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A mythical hamelt believed to be hidden somwhere near Leeds.
Can be used as an insult to abruptly end an arguement.
You are fat....
Yea, Towton!
by Spiderwebo July 18, 2003
a person who has difficulty behaving in public. Often found prancing around like a fairy.
You batty boy
by Spiderwebo July 18, 2003
the process of being fist fucked by a filthy old man (preferably tramp like)
that guy will give you ultimate devistation tonight.
by Spiderwebo July 18, 2003
Said by Lamo's who struggle to appreciate when things are going well.
Pogo: Iain you are about to die!
Iain: Good Times! - Have you seen my laptop?
Pogo: No
Iain: Shit where's my laptop? Oh there it is! Good times!
by Spiderwebo November 18, 2003
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