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Squidget mornicus
This slow dimm whitted creature is often found walking arouns Stockton riverside college with a moronic look on his face, this creature think he is a hit with the ladies of his species, sadly he is mistaken. this creature is deformed and smaller than the other of his species and he has a squint on his right eye that makes him look like this o(-_*)o, this sad pathetic creature should be shot and but out of his sad lonely life
by SpiderFarm! January 16, 2004
Stephen Palgrave
a fuckass, to be a fuckass one must look like Stephen Palgrave!!!, to do this you must first stop brushing your teeth and then stop washing. Next one must date a fat slug named Stacy the hutt, one must also ride the wave this may also incluse some slapping of the fat ass while haveing sex, FuckAss defined as Stephen Palgrave.
by SpiderFarm! January 16, 2004
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