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Giss (verb)

A kiss from a gay individual.
You're really going to let him give you a giss, son?

My gay bff just gave me the best giss I have ever gotten!

I really would enjoy a scrotal giss tonight...
by SpicyBeaver1212 May 19, 2010
Glass Pass (verb)

When an alcoholic beverage is handed or passed in a sexual manner from one individual to another in a bar or pub-like environment.
Like OMG Sally, this reallyyyy hot guy just gave me the most sensual glass pass ever! I totally want to f*** him now.

Nah bra, I'm not chasing my ex's p**** tonight, this chick bartender here did one of the naughtiest glass passes I have ever come across. I wonder what she's like in the sack.
by SpicyBeaver1212 May 19, 2010

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