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A forum started about last year. It was evolution x3 at the time, but soon grew to be LUE2. Formerly run by Sake, very few users were on at a time. Snake kicked ass for about half a year. And then his power got to his head, and he starting taking ideas, LUE2LInks being the most controversial. LUELinks attacked us as a result, not understanding that Snake was the ONLY ONE that liked this idea, the rest of us have brains.

It is currently run by kaok and Thrawn and Azurelite, the greatest admins ever. The site kicks lots of ass, no matter what you say. Sure, we have some retarded users, but, look at GameFAQs. Seriously
(Note: all the opinions expressed in this definition are not 100% endorsed byu LUE2, they are the views of one LUE2ser. So dont go flipping out on us, jackasses.)
by Spice Weasel May 02, 2005

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