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The G4 Off-Topic Forums at G4 is a small internet community of lesbians, queers, pederasts, and other sexual deviants. Lovingly called "OT" by it's members, it is the most heavily trafficked forum on G4's otherwise lame site. It also holds the record for having more registered sex offenders than any other forum.

People mainly use OT to post links to porn, hentai and rotting corpses. No one cares about what's going on in your life, so don't post about it, or we'll use your thread for a free post. Some people love the idea of setting up a thread for a huge argument, then sitting back and watching the members go at, these threads are almost always about either religion, politics, or homosexuality. Others just post nude pictures of gay porn stars and flame the colored.
Everyday life at the G4 Off-Topic Forums

Vader - Look at my funny pictures!!!
SeventhSeal - What the fuck is this crap? "Say no to crapping your pants". WTF?
Everyone else - LOL

(Another thread)
Duco - Libertarian FTW, Bush sucks.
APD - Libertarians yes, but Duco sucks.
Unacceptable_Name - Yay, Libertariens, BTW, System of a Down is the best band evar.
Everyone else - SOAD sucks, Libertarians suck, and Duco sucks.
Erin - So does Unacceptable_Name.

(another thread)
Someone - Lol, ngr.
Mod - Banned.

by SpicSanta March 09, 2007

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