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A spammer is one that makes more money than your whole family combined!
Spammer: "Hey babe, Ima spammer. Suck my dick" Girl: "ok"
by spiTe March 06, 2003
Long hairy guy who hates musturd .Bro of Art Webb 1986
Rake yohn is teh mann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by SpiTe December 14, 2003
A horrific analstench or event which is so terrible that you wish you had died by having your eyes melt out from their respective sockets and then walk out into oncomming highway traffic
my computer runs like analqueif
by Spite April 03, 2004
derived from the words "sk8r" and "boi" (a lesbian, or an androgonous female). put them together and you get the meaning:

~lesbian poser
avril lavigne is a sk8erboi.
by spite January 05, 2005
Best Delta Force Land Warrior player ever. see also newbie
Man I can't beat you. You must be RevealinG
by Spite July 11, 2003
spiTe is your daddy bitch!
spiTe's my pimp!
by spiTe March 06, 2003

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