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2 definitions by Spendifferus

Can be a ( noun ) or ( verb) if a person gets the nickname J Pen first this person inhales booze ( like a drink dumpster they will drink anything that you can't finish) they tend to have slutty tendencies(even their best friends will say they are b*tchy) and are hard to trust ( the kind that will smile to your face but at the same time try to molest loved one behind your back). J Pen can also be a rude trashy, slutty, or just plain nasty action.
Man last night J Pen got really out of hand she wouldn't stop touching me I don't think I will be inviting her out next time my girlfriend was pissed and I was too....

The action example: To trade a drink with someone after spitting your gum in it or ashing a cig in it. That would be pulling a J Pen
by Spendifferus December 26, 2010
A skank or skanky broad shouldered person that crosses boundaries (even more so when drinking) that results in unwanted ass grabbing and other physical contact. Mostly the victim is men in relationships..
That girl is totally being a skanky ass grabber.... Poor Stu we should go help him!
by Spendifferus December 25, 2010