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Someone who continuosly draws penises on other peoples shit.
if your buddy has like a notebook or a paper or something, when he turns around, draw a quick penis on it. keep it small or draw it huge. dont limit your detail. if you have time, add pubes and veigns.

PS dont limit yourself to notebooks and paper. Piss people off by drawing dicks on their books, backpacks, desks, clothes, and even their own bodys.
by Spencer Mahan June 02, 2005
When a man slaps another person with his penis, usualy in the face
the lombardi is best executed quickly, so as to cause the most surprise and alarm
by Spencer Mahan December 19, 2005
Known to most of capitol america as "boxer-briefs", these are panties for men. They have the look of boxers, but the material and support of classic whites. They offer more support to men suffering from "saggy sack", or "incongested cock".
NOTE: not to be confused with "tighty whiteys", or "shlong johns", which are other nicknames for male undergarments.
pronounced "man-tee-s"
by Spencer Mahan August 23, 2005
When a man lays his penis on top of someone elses head, or shoulder, usualy from behind in order to cause surprise.
If you are hanging with some dudes, an atlas will lighten up any conversation
by Spencer Mahan December 19, 2005

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