11 definitions by Spencer B.

A jismhole is a person who is:

1 - Stupid
2 - Gay
3 - Annoying
4 - A friend
5 - A layers
6 - Your dad(s)
7 - Your slave
8 - A hole at the end of a penis
"Cmon jismhole, we have to go!"
"You jismhole, I can't believe you lugged up the toilet!"
"That jismhole can't sing!"
"Jismholes are invading!"
by Spencer B. June 20, 2004
A strange sexual device that sticks out the side of an alien's head.

See South Park.
"Oh, I can't believe you're sucking my jaggon!
by Spencer B. September 18, 2004
A person that is Russian, but is also white. Likes to say "Shizzle" and "AH get away from my house!"
"Total Anal Destruction!!"
by Spencer B. April 25, 2005
The most awesome band in the world. It features Spencer, Dan, Travis, and Jeff Leight. Others appear with useless instruments. Like the tambourine and the thunder tube. Bongos are badass though. Hell yeah cracker.

See Spencer B.
"OMG! I just saw RMWP in concert. THEY WERE SO AWESOME!"
by Spencer B. September 15, 2004

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