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Deuce-Dix, 20 dollars, derived from the french language; Dix, meaning 10, and english slang; Deuce meaning 2.
Adam: How much money should I bring?

Spencer: Bring a Deuce-Dix just in case.
by Spencer Adams October 20, 2006
The region of Kirkland, a suburb of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Referred to as "K-Block" mostly by youth and young adults.

NWK and SWK are abbreviations for NorthWest K-Block and SouthWest K-Block, reffering to the area of K-Block in which you live.
Adam: Yo, Spence, what you doin' tonight?

Spence: Probably just chillin' up in the North K-Block.

Adam: Sweet! I'll be down in the South K!
by Spencer Adams October 25, 2006

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