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3 definitions by Spenc3rr

Christmas is an ancient Pagan celebration of the birth of the sun that was later taken over by Christians and turned into the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Nowadays this holidy has lost all meaning, and ties to religion as far as im concerned. It is currently used as a reason to consume more shit mass produced in Chinese sweatshops by children (and sold by a fat pedophile, see Santa), drink too much egg nog, and get fat by eating too much fucking ham.
Oh, its December, time to listen to the fat pedophile and sell out to the corporations by buying overpriced meaningless plastic "gifts" for all my family and friends....for Jesus.

Or as Jim Gaffigan once said in regards to Christmas.

"I'm gonna take this pine tree and stick it in the living room, then we're gonna put our socks above the fireplace...fill 'em with candy, them I'm gonna put some leaves on the cieling and see if I can get some action"
by Spenc3rr October 31, 2007
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The nickname for my penis.
Jim: What did you do Saturday night?
Bob: I didnt have a date, so I just interfaced with the iTouch.
by Spenc3rr November 04, 2007
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California is a part of the United States on the west coast. Im not a conservative or a republican dumbass. I am a liberal but I still cant stand this fucking state, especially San Diego county. The place is full of primarily a whole bunch of douchebags who think that they are all the shit, but in reality are just sheep and fucking preps. The weather is too damn hot, and the beaches are too fucking cold, and tend to be filled with sewage. The governator is also a dumbfuck. The State is terrible for the most part, and is full of artificial, mindless, dumb fucks, and the worst part of it all is that everybody else thinks its the best place on the planet.
Goddamnit, California sucks, im almost glad my county is burning down, dont come here, and help me get outta here as soon as possible.
by Spenc3rr October 26, 2007
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