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1. Common misspelling of the word "punch".

2 .Wat yuo do to some1 wen yur relly made at them!!

Yu pnuch tehm in teh faic!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. A delicious fruit type beverage. I prefer pineapple pnuch.
OMGZZ!!! I cnat belive youu sed taht!!! *I pnuch yuo in the faece rley hrad!!!!!*
by Speeps September 06, 2010
1 - A mnemonic device used by kids to remember the directions of North East South and West. You must point to each direction as you speak each corresponding word.

Example: Never - Forward, Eat - Right, Soggy - Backward, Wheat - Left

2 - Good advice.
Ex. 1 - Wait, is west on the left, or right? Let's see... Never Eat Soggy Wheat... Oh yeah, it's on the left.

Ex. 2 - Dude, this soggy wheat is gross.
by Speeps September 26, 2010
The language retards use when extremely frustrated, surprised, or just all the time. Involves many OMGs and exclamation marks.
Regular Person: I liked the sequel better.

OMGspeaker: ZOMGZ!!!!!! fuk yuo ur porly retartedf yo gay n0b0!!!!!!!!!!! sutf froveer ,stuiped asshol!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!

Regular person: ...What?


OMGspeaker 1: dud, i got all teh bets ponr vdoies fro rfee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMGspeaker 2: tahts gai, i gto moer tnah tose wat u gay im pro at pnor, fga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regular kid: Guys, school's been out for like 3 hours. Are you just gonna sit there and play Runescape all day?

OMGspeaker 1: stfu, afgg!!!!!!! rNuescaep is teh best!!!!!!!! OMF!!!!!!!!

OMGspeak is for retards and sarcastic persons only.
by Speeps September 07, 2010
A form of math with no meaning and sometimes no numbers. Generally, the easiest equation in unmath is this:

"Width x Gary = 2 Cans of Peas"

It has also been used famously by a certain large headed internet sensation. To quote:

"I say there, Homestar, butts 12 by pies?"

Most if not all mathematicians have dismissed unmath as bunk or some other kind of thing. But don't listen to them, because they pee sitting down.

Regardless, unmath has provided several answers to today's more complicated problems. And I know that if it weren't for me using unmath in high school, I wouldn't be the successful man sitting at this computer after waking up at 11:30 that I am today. Without unmath, I might be working at a job instead of relaxing in my mom's suburban home, unshaven and watching reruns of the Fresh Prince. I don't even have to take off my shoes in the house, 'cause I'm a man.

So if you're ever in a sticky situation, try unmath. I agree that it works 100% of the time.
Oh crap, there's a vicious pack of dogs chasing me! What to do? I know! *does unmath* Aha! Service Pump divided by the square root of a Moose is Johann to the Pants power! I won!
by Speeps November 05, 2010
Infinity times infinity. Far bigger than a million, billion, trillion, zillion, killion, jillion, padillion, fafillion, or kasmillion. Oddly enough, if you were to take 10,022 Jupiters and land them on Jupiter, they would weigh exactly one Krofdillion tons. Jupiter would then collapse along with the rest of the universe.
"No one's ever seen a Krofdillion anything. If there were a Krofdillion dust particles in the air, they would blot out the sun." - Steven Ping, Manager of the Double Dragon Chinese Restaurant and Part Time Fiction Writer
by Speeps November 02, 2010

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