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Derives from the name "Stephen" They are rare to find, but once you fine one, you'll never regret it. He will be the nicest guy you ever met, amazing, adorable- words can't even show how amazing he is. He is like no other guy, he is unique and considerate, which is why he is so loved. He has a tendency to show a person how much they are loved at any situation, any given moment, no matter what. A perfectionist and can stay on track, but can also have fun.

Must be spelled with two e's at the end of the name.
Pronounced: (steve-ie)
without the extra e, you found the wrong person, the one you found is just a steve.
Prounouced: (steve)
Stevee- rare, amazing
Steve- lame, common
Person 1: Have you met Stephen?
Person 2: Oh you mean Stevee? Yeah, he's really nice.
by Speehless April 11, 2010
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