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The act of shitting on your partner's head during/after sex and letting the shit stack up like a top hat.
When Carl was railing out that hoodrat friday night he pulled the ultimate scumbag move by Lincoln Top-hatting that skeezer.
by Speedy Beans March 09, 2012
Hooking up with the biggest skank at the party, but only requesting that she gives you a hand job even though she's down to fuck & suck (because she's a skank), just because you want to make it seem like the skanky girl is still under-aged and that you're not too much of a piece of shit.
Did you hear what Brian did at that party? "No, what'd he do?" He totally sleeze jobbed on that random ass hood rat. "Ugghh really, I thought she was still in high school?" I think that's why he sleeze jobbed her.
by Speedy Beans April 15, 2011
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