12 definitions by Speedy & Veterano

Hoe's working at Korean bars trying to get Americans money by getting them to spend large amounts of money on alcohol at the bar. Also will do anything for money.
The Jucies at the bars only care about the money. I had one offer me The Works for 15 bucks.
by Speedy & Veterano January 06, 2005
the act of pleasuring ones anus by use of the tounge
that quencher tried to give me the works.
by Speedy & Veterano August 16, 2004
Larger than average female
That Heavy Hitter is looking like Larry Holmes all flabby and sick
by Speedy & Veterano August 16, 2004
Putting your 18 wheela in the mouth and Vigorously taking it in and out in attempt to punish the person.
Maaaan when I found out that bitch had cheated on me I Skully the shit out of her.
by Speedy & Veterano August 17, 2004
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