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the word for poo i almost forgot.
Feces means poo.
by speedy January 21, 2003
what i am in.
I am in the hizouse.
by speedy January 21, 2003
this is an example of example
by Speedy April 03, 2003
1. The HOTTEST runner in central massachusetts
2. A play on words "clever" guys try to use when talking to Laura
2. Hey girl, whats haapanen?
by speedy February 19, 2005
The hair that runs from the back of your balls to your asshole
geez my winnips are long
by speedy August 21, 2003
a drink mixer, mmmm titties in the beer
yum titties an beer please
by speedy September 30, 2003
Traitor of the workplace. Will leave after 3 months and go to the enemies. Say no goodbyes. Heartless.
Looks like sunshine, however, the Repsher is a dark cloud on a sunny day.
#eeoyre #traitor #babyarm #darkcloud #fanboy
by SpeedY July 18, 2014
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