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An Anime Music Video (also known as AMV) is a music video that consists of anime clips from one anime show, or more than one, combined with a song playing in the background. Taking an estimate, I'd say that 90% of these are made by japanophiles and wapanese. These videos are, and seem to have almost seem have taken birth on youtube.

Anime music videos are usually intended to use whatever songs playing in the background to bring out the emotion in the clips, but about half of the time, AMVs fail horribly. The problem is, is that alot of the music that is used in AMVs are songs by Linkin Park, or bands that make songs in the Punk/Emo Genre.
Some AMV types include:

Normal AMVs: Just basic AMVs, there the most common.

Tribute AMVs: AMVs that are made to tribute usually the following:
1. 1 or more anime characters from an anime show.
2. 1 or more anime shows
3. a specific event from an anime show.
The worst of this kind can include very annoying tributes to male anime characters such as Sasuke from Naruto and Sesshomaru from Inuyasha.

slide show AMVs: almost applicable to be put in its own category, but these are still technically AMVs. These AMVs are a bit uncommon, but are really the worst AMVs around.

instead of video clips, these AMVs use pictures assembled (but usually the best term would be slopped together) into a slide show. Most of the images used in them are stolen fanart . This stolen fanart is usually annoying "bishie" pictures of Male anime characters.

It seems that allot of people who make this kind of AMV only wish to whore attention, or else they would have probably used actual clips

However, no matter how horrible some of these AMVs are, they still get allot of praise from other japanophiles (that are usually girls it seems).

In the worst cases peoples reaction to AMVs makes it seem like they got a literal orgasm just by watching the AMV, you can tell this easily of you see more than one of the following:

They shout out Japanese words such as Kawaii (japanese for cute I think, but allot of them probably don't even know that)

They type in all caps.
They use Anime expressions like: XD ^_^ >_< <_< >_> -_-
They go nuts over whatever it is they're commenting
followed by any of the above, them using OMG or OMFG

This concludes the description.
Uggghhh this Naruto anime music video sucks beyond belief
by Speedingbullet March 26, 2007

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