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A white person who tries to hard to be black. Now, not all white people are wiggas. The ones who wear Southpole, Ecko, etc, are not wiggas. They just appreciate rap, and/or R&B. Now, on the other hand, a person who wears their clothes 2-100x bigger than they should be(usually FUBU sweatsuits made of velour.), wear their visors upside down,come from a county with a fruit in the name, and degrade ebonics to pure trash. NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE WHO LIKE RAP ARE WIGGAS! Just because they are white, don't judge them.
*2 black people talking about rap, and one wigga enters*

Antone - Man, I can't stand these new rappers.
Junior - Man, that's the truth. Ain't nuttin' but garbage on the radio.
Ant - Man, these old school rappers are the...*drowned out by generic rap crap*
*enter wigga*
Ant - WTF is wrong with you?!
Jr. - Yeah, man. Turn down that trash!
Toby - Aw, man, dees' be mah' niggaz', tah' Terror Squawd!
Ant - What the fuck is wrong with you, man?Why do you talk like that?
Jr. - Yeah, man. You just sound plain ignorant.
Toby - Dat' ain't' nuttin' but a G thaaaaaaaaang'! Can I git' a what what?
Ant&Jr. - No. No, you can't.
Ant. Man, let get away from this stupid fuck.
Jr. I agree. Oh, BTW, stupid fuck, it's 95 degrees, so stop wearing velour, you jackass.
by SpeedDemon713 July 16, 2005
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