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A woman who has no personal interests, existing only to raise her children.
She used to do triathlons but she is just a ladymom since she had those kids.
by Special Lady Friend January 17, 2009
Mythologically it is a baby that emerges from the womb already dressed (it is widely accepted knowledge that a dress baby's clothes cannot be changed in utero)

Modern day defines dress baby as a child that annoys you or becomes your responsibility when you have no children of your own present.
We had a great time at the inauguration except for the dress baby at the ball, what were its parents thinking when they brought it along?
by Special Lady Friend January 24, 2009
A non-sexual relationship between two women that is recognized by others to be exceptionally close; closer than a best friend, often confused for sisters.
When my baby was in the hospital, my special lady friend came over to sit with me while my husband took care of our other child.

My special lady friend never judges when I get drunk and start smoking again.
by Special Lady Friend January 17, 2009
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