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3 definitions by Special Kid

A beautiful girl. She has a lot that she keeps to her self, and can often even seem mystical. She is a mystery.
boy 1: Have you talked to her? I don't know what's the matter
boy 2: well, she can often be a Nimway.
by special kid March 19, 2014
nasty cottage cheesy stuff that comes out of your cock a couple of days after fucking a dirty girl (Can be green, bluish or (lumpy)gravy collored)
I had sex with your mom, and I dont know if it was something in her trailor that i touched with my dick, or it was just her, but i've been shootin out a cheesy discharge for a week
by SPECIAL KID July 01, 2003
A large cow utter that grows out of fat penguins such as Mrs. Valerio, which spits out caffinated soda and rabies.
Ah man, look at Jose, he has a major norby
by Special Kid April 01, 2003