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The most boring place within the united states. Its like being trapped in a cage with a lion that just wants to eat your face off. Every corner you turn you probably see a Sherwood High School kid smoking crack on the sidewalk. What is there to do? Nothing! The place is a tiny little hellhole that nobody likes! Once the movie theater was lost, people turned to Rio, even though its forever away! If your planning on moving here, DONT! You will turn into a trapped little birdie in a cage with a hungry lion wanting to eat you.
Person 1: Hey, what did you guys used to do in Olney?

Person 2: Well, we used to go to the movies.

Person 1: Oh cool, lets go!

Person 2: Well they took it down. *Blank face*

Person 1: Well, what the crap? What else is there to do?

Person 2: Hmm, I dont know, go jack crap from TJ Max and Shoppers?

Person 1: OKAY!
by Special Kavorkian April 27, 2009
When two dudes become friends again after having a dudevorce. They realize that their fight over the girl that they did fight over was a total bitch and so they forget about me, shake hands and become bro's again. Remember..bro before hoes baby. (No Homo)
Dude 1: Hey.

Dude 2: Hi.

Dude 1: That girl we fought over was a total bitch.

Dude 2: Your right. Lets get a brotrimony?

Dude 1: Definitely. Lets go.
by Special Kavorkian April 28, 2009

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