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Being frustrated at having to wait for something.
Rhino is getting impatient because the meaning of "Jodie" is taking ages to come up.
by Spearmint Rhino April 03, 2003
Retarded word created by the predictive text thing on Nokia mobile phones when you try to type in "seeya".
"Yeah I'll bring them around, reexa."
by Spearmint Rhino April 09, 2003
When person 1 inserts something into person 2's pussy (like a cigar - hence the name) and then takes it out and sucks it. Made famous by Bill and Monica.
"One of my friends said the neck of his beer bottle smelt funny, I just couldn't tell him it was because I was doing his girlfriend havana style with it!"
by Spearmint Rhino April 03, 2003
1. A bar that serves ridiculously cheap alcohol, has hot and friendly bar girls who message you later that night. Is indirectly responsible for alcohol induced violent towards parked cars. And the theft of bread.
2. Better than Bobby McGees.
1. "Man I was rooted last night! I love you Area 61!"
2. "Area 61 really kicks Bobby McGees' arse... they smoke pole in Bobby's, I've seen it happen!"
by Spearmint Rhino April 03, 2003

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