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1. adj. Preppy, ignorant, obnoxious, racist, for the most part unintelligent, and (miraculously) successful. This is ironically possible not only because of acceptance to villanova due to legacy status but also because of the likely scenario that is working for your father when you graduate and running his business when he retires.
2. n. Lucky fucker who is preppy, ignorant, obnoxious, racist, and, because of this, friendless outside of the villanova community
Mike was dressed like a true villanova faggot when i saw him in his salmon polo shirt, collar popped, (i can only assume he was wearing lime green shorts with yellow stipes) driving his bmw home from the country club, where he and his father had just humiliated the "colored" caddie.

That slut is a real villanova. She is popular at villanova and is set for life because of her father's business contacts, but because of her obnoxious disposition, racist comments, and shortsighted/ignorant decisions she is a real social outcast when she is in the company of people who do not attend villanofun.
by Speaking The Word October 23, 2006

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