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a 'sweet' name that your nan/auntie would call you. a bit like petal, sweetie, sweet pea. i say nan/auntie because it is usually the older generation.
OK then hunnybuns!

Love you hunnybuns!
by SpeakerBoxx UK August 11, 2005
to vomit on someone on purpose whilst they are sleeping. usually for a joke, or the person has had too much to drink and in the morning finds it hilarious! not widly used, but limited to perhaps East London (Hackney)
i vongied all over you

i did a vongie over him

last night, he got vongied
by SpeakerBoxx UK August 11, 2005
a word meaning cool, brilliant, wicked. made famous by MAXWELL from UK BIG BROTHER 6 (2005)! Said in London (cockney areas) as "Off the 'ook".
Nah man, that was off the 'ook.
by SpeakerBoxx UK August 11, 2005

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