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4 definitions by Spazz

This is a condition that many sequels suffer after being overhyped and underproducing. These sequels usually follow behind very decorated firsts.
Star Wars: Episodes I and II, The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions, Quake 2, and Land Before Time
by Spazz November 21, 2003
26 16
The substance that accumulates when wiping your ass from back to front. Similar to peanut butter in appearance.
Every jar of scrotum butter sold comes with a complimentary pube on top! What a deal!
by Spazz March 16, 2004
13 13
a freak from Renfrew, likes to go the hoe-tel and quaff a few bevvies, does it with chickens
Stoner, hoser, stupid cunt
by spazz October 07, 2004
1 4
three dimentioal flat face twat
you fuckin mongol
by spazz May 11, 2003
25 40