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A more exclusive form of necrophilia in which the dead victim is also of the same sex as the molester.

A homosexual loner that has turned to having intercourse with corpses.
Cooper is a Necrophilafag!
by SpazZilla April 03, 2006
Men who prefer to have sexual intercourse with crows and other related birds. Typically a secondary symptom of necrophilafagitis.
Cooper, the necrophilafag, is also a crowfer.
by SpazZilla October 20, 2006
noun - A shame barricade created by parents to protect their hormonal teenage sons from doing the "Bad Touch" to other parents' daughters.

Also, an effective contraceptive.
Parent Condom: "Oh, look here he is at 6 running around the yard naked.... Look at the little pipi!!!"
by SpazZilla April 03, 2006
noun - The result of a long night of cheap tequila and hot chili.

adj - Relating to a long night of cheap tequila and hot chili.
Oh man! I can tell what you did last night based on your gianormous poopoocacapipi!


You smell like poopoocacapipi!
by SpazZilla April 03, 2006
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