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when you buy a cell phone that does not get any bars where you live.
idiot: WOO! i gotz a new phone from sprint!!!
guy who doesn't care: where do you live?
idiot: uh, Washougal?
GWDC: dude, that's a fail phone, stupid.
idiot: ... shut up.
by Spaz De Kat July 15, 2009
someone who fails so epically at life that they are turned to stone in a fit of mercy.
stupid rock: i spider climb up the wall!
plan man: my fighter was standing right there, so attack of opportunity... (rolls) yeah, I killed you.
by Spaz De Kat December 02, 2009
"beware, attack from behind!"
famous last words.
uh-oh, orcs! everyone, bwARG!!!!!!!
by Spaz De Kat December 11, 2009
when you're brain overheats from being stuck in one problem for too long, preventing thinking and awareness of you're envirnment
my brain fry! go away, before I... um..... eh.... GO AWAY!!!
by Spaz De Kat March 17, 2009
embedding a thrown or melee weapon into a target
excellent! got a sink with my knife!!! pwned!
by Spaz De Kat November 30, 2009
a gamer martial arts style that involves grenades and missiles and jumping and rolling every half second.
signiture move: missile jump earth breaker
i know spaz fu (throws a grenade, missile jumps, then grenades incoming airplane)
by Spaz De Kat May 08, 2009
a nerdish powergasm, typically after discovering some new all-powerful combination or build.
GM- dude, a red great wyrm with all the metabreath feats and knows invisibility and greater invisibility along with all the summon monster spells!
GM- I know. I'm getting a pwner already.
by Spaz De Kat March 22, 2010

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