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a short way of saying "knocked out and on the floor"
your doomed!!!! i gots a knockdown on you!!!!
#manuver #knock down #ko #ass plant #down
by Spaz De Kat January 14, 2009
a gamer term to refer to a monster that has boss-like powers but still technically a common monster
>Death Knights (Champions of Norrath)
>Big Bodys (Kingdom Hearts)
>Shamans (Champions of Norrath)
#boss #gamer #monster #boss fight #leader
by Spaz De Kat March 03, 2009
to assume leadership on a task, usually said by the leader of the previous task
investigator: there's hostiles up ahead. take point.
public relations: got it.
#leadership #command #code phrase #teamwork #team
by Spaz De Kat December 08, 2009
a battle cry used primarally before a missile or other explosive attack
(charges with rocket launcher) EAT MY WRATH!!!!!!!!!
(is killed by grenade) eat MY wrath, beyotch!
#wrath #battle cry #war cry #wrath mode #god mode
by Spaz De Kat May 07, 2009
in a typical adventuring team the hidden fire power of the group, typically frail looking but dangerous
power house: run, I'll handle them...
#hidden power #the innscent one #backup #back up #reserve
by Spaz De Kat December 08, 2009
something in a game that is sort of cheating but not against the rules
tactic cheat examples: swiming to shore in GTA:San Andreas to buy weapons after the helicopter crashes, attaching bombs to NPCs in SWBF and watching them run to thier friends, hiding in a hole where the boss can't reach, etc.
#cheat #code #strategy #tactic #plan
by Spaz De Kat May 07, 2009
a defender and protector of the good ol' days of a hobby or tradition, usually violently opposed to any new additions to their hobby.
I, Spaz De Kat, as an old guard of the Dungeons and Dragons game, have this to say: 4th Edition can suck my dick the same way it sucks at life.
#old fart #curmudgeon #old weird guy #old hippie #ancient one
by Spaz De Kat March 22, 2010
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