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Quick history: Formed in 1969 as Seattle Pilots, moved to Milwaukee in 1970. Play at Miller Park, the best stadium in baseball. Previously played at Milwaukee County Stadium. Played in the AL from 69-97, NL 98-present. Lost in 1982 World Series, lost in 2008 NLDS. Pending a huge collapse they will be back to the playoffs in 2011. Led by great hitters in Prince Fielder, Ryan, Braun, Rickie Weeks, Corey Hart, Casey McGehee. Good pitching in Zach Greinke, Yovani Gallardo, Shaun Marcum, Francisco Rodriguez, and John Axford. If they can stay healthy and keep their players, this is a team that will be relevant for years to come. Don't know why there is so much Brewers hate on here, must be a bunch of jealous Cubs fans who think that 2 World Series titles in 1907 and 1908 actually are relevant and meaningful. The Brew Crew have been near or above the NL Average attendance since 2004, so they do have loyal fans.
Cubs Fan: Milwaukee Brewers suck! 0 World Series titles? hahahaha
Brewers Fan: Shove those titles from over 100 years ago up your ass. You blame postseason failure on a goat and on a fan, but we suck? You are 6th in payroll yet lose 100 games a year, but we suck? GTFO idiot.
by SpartyFan1213 September 14, 2011
NBA is an acronym for the National Basketball Association. It was fun and exciting to watch at one time, but is so unbelievably boring nowadays. There are about 5 good teams loaded with talent every year due to free agent signings (big markets, LA, Miami, NY, Boston, Chicago, etc) and the other 25 are mediocre to terrible because they can not compete with these big market teams. The league is so predictable in that since 1984, there have only been 8 different teams (BOS, LAL, DET, CHI, HOU, SA, MIA, DAL) to win the NBA title. Nearly every star (LeBron, Kobe, Wade, Howard, Stoudemire, etc) is so narcissistic that they will all buddy up in the offseason and play together in order to win. You would never see MJ, Magic, or Bird all team up, they had too much pride and competitiveness to do so. In addition, the officiating is putrid, as it is not uncommon to see one superstar player shoot more free throws than the entire other team, not to mention that is has been proven that some games in the past have been rigged by officials. I have been a basketball fan since birth and remember watching the Finals when I was 6, so I am not a basketball hater whatsoever. It is obvious, however, that college basketball is more team-oriented, is more exciting, and puts out a significantly better product than the NBA.
ESPN Reporter: NBA news today, the Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, and Orlando Magic have announced that they will merge to form a mega-team with the Miami Heat.

Guy 1: Oh my God, I love the NBA, it's so fun watching these guys beat up on crappy teams like the T'Wolves and Wizards.

Me: Bullshit, I'm watching hockey from now on.
by SpartyFan1213 August 26, 2011
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