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The worst thing to happen to TV. The ONLY good thing about "MTV" was the old Headbanger's Ball hosted by the man, Riki Rachtman. Nowadays, everyone from stupid elementary kids to middle schoolers, esp. HS'ers and college kids watch this stupid channel and continue to embrace it. It chafes my balls that people love the stupid shit they spew to everyone. They don't even show music anymore, it's all really stupid shows. Teaching hot girls to be prude, to dress like little whores, who are cock-tease, stuck up bitches. Teaches people to be either: emo fags, wiggers or pretty boys.
MTV can suck my balls.
by Spartans! December 03, 2004
A horrible singer. She thinks she's a hardass, but she's a cunt. No, you're not a rocker, you're a chach! She ruined the great Metallica's Fuel. People think she's hot too, but she isn't. And she has bad BO.
Avril sucks and blows. She is not a rocker.
by Spartans! December 06, 2004
Any Indian or other middle eastern person. Also called poonja's, poonjobs or poindots.
If you mess up today, not only are you fired, your life is over. I'll see to it you never work again, and you wind up tearing tickets off in Kuwait, SALLAH MALLAH MALLAH MALLLAH KALLAH MAH! And everybody suckin' sand!

Why is Detroit overrun with sallah mallahs?
by Spartans! November 09, 2004
The surface to air missile defense system the US used from 1955-1974. Nike surface to air missile system was named after the winged goddess of victory in Greek mythology. Two versions of this system defended the U.S. and other places from hostile aircraft, the Nike Ajax, and the Nike Hercules. Their primary purpose was to destroy any Soviet strategic/supersonic/longrange bombers like the Tu-95 Bear, or the Tu-160 Blackjack, or Tu-22M Backfire that ever came into US territory. There was never a need to use these nuclear tipped missiles, thank God.
There were 16 Nike Defense installations in the Detroit area.
by Spartans! December 03, 2004
A white person who thinks he's black. Usually has a scrubstache, thinks he's a hard ass. Listens to shitty music. Loves those fat, nasty white hoes or mexican hoochies. Smokes too much, smells like smoke. Has a shitty or no job. Drives like a nig in a clapped out van or other shitty vehicle. Wears the worst clothes, doesn't know how to walk, talk or wear a baseball cap right. Dumber than rocks. Not going anywhere in life. Doesn't know how to hold/operate a firearm properly.
Ethan is a wigga who is from the burbs.
by Spartans! November 08, 2004
The last of great music, ever. It's actually hair metal. The hardest rock around. The best bands in the world. These bands actually had talent and the tunes kick so much ass. After hair bands, there was a shitty trend called "grunge" which totally blows, along with all other music.
The best music is hair bands!
by Spartans! November 08, 2004
A group of like 13 no-talent assclowns who think they're hardcore. Their "music" sucks and blows. No, screaming and yelling is not music. The shitty, down-tuned nu metal sound is simply absurd. The strings are down so low they are virtually hanging off the neck, leaving a woolly, indistinct barrage of black noise, which is garbage.
Anyone who likes Slipknot is a RETARD.
by Spartans! November 09, 2004
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