2 definitions by Sparkyyyyyy

A buzzword is a term or phrase that sounds good, but mean nothing. Buzzwords are widely used in the media, advertising, politics and other sections of society.
these are all buzzwords: hit single, clinical tests, mateship, fair go, coastal shipping, global warming, international law, morality, peace and justice for all, etc.
by Sparkyyyyyy August 30, 2005
A particular breed of snake that dwells in the household bath or shower. whilst the bath or shower is in use the snake recoils back into the drain, and if you are unlucky, will spring out of the drain and sink its fangs right in your sphincter.
as a person is going for a shower "watch out for the sphincter snake."

after having been bit "AH! THE SPHINCTER SNAKE BIT ME!"
by Sparkyyyyyy August 09, 2005

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